I am passionate about making ideas happen. The photography captures fresh human spirit. The designs have a minimalistic style to feature brand messaging. Crisp clean raw images, color, typography and simple clean web layouts makes my heart sing.



My photo and design chops began in college. My college education taught me to see through "impossible" creative concepts to the final stages. Essentially made me a pixel pusher.  I curated for gallery downtown Palo Alto, while going to school. I started styling, running photoshoots and designing for marketing campaigns at Blurb after college for a couple years. I value connections with people at work and in my personal life more than anything. When I'm not working on awesome design projects, you'll find me at new locales around California, doing yoga, cooking delicious meals and babying foliage all around the house. Most of my inspirations come from fashion and passionate creative people. I'm fascinated with the deep rooted inspirations and the desire of exploration found within innovative people and companies.