"Christina and I were the Graphic Designer and Art Director duo that lead the visual design on the marketing team at Blurb. She is equal parts designer and photographer with a sharp eye for layout and typography and strong technical background for photography. The Blurb marketing team is continually challenged to produce a high volume of content at an extremely fast pace, all while maintaining a high standard for quality. Christina is highly adaptable and constantly pushes herself to expand her technical skill set to evolve with the goals of the team. Her conceptual ideas, positive approach, and collaborative style make Christina a joy to work with."

-abby post, art director 

 "In so many ways Christina was not only a pitch in and get it done person in her principal role as a graphic designer, but she also was a "what else" person. This is gold for an employer. Not to mention major bonus points for Christina's open, positive, and sunny disposition. "

-eileen gittens, ceo blurb 


"Christina was my student for a number of years in the photography area at SFSU. But she was more than that, she was, from very early on, a professional artist with a sense of personal responsibility to her work and growth. Usually my students stumble along till they find a thread they want to follow. Christina was completely different, she was always “on”. She kept voluminous notebooks of ideas, images and future projects. When she decided to employ her ideas, she pounced and worked hard to get them right: elaborate photographic setups, where she might carry a canoe to the woods or take all her possessions into the landscape to photograph herself enveloped by them. I would she’s known for these kind elaborate portraits, but what this shows is she is able to submit to complex idealized plans and execute them with assuredness. "

-lewis desoto, san francisco state university, professor of art, head of photography area


When given a blank canvas and told to just create something, most people would panic and spend hours staring forward without a single idea of how to begin. Christina is one of those rare individuals that relishes in those moments and continually makes something magical out of nothing. She possesses the ability to take a simple concept to a completely different level. In addition, her passion for all things beautiful has her always looking for opportunities to learn and develop her craft. I'm glad I had the pleasure of working with Christina and her positive, energetic vibe!



"Christina was hired as a Junior Graphic Designer but very quickly proved to be so much more than that title implies. From the concepting stage to every single phase of execution all the way through to analyzing results and applying lessons to the next project, she’s an absolute rock-solid talent. Her almost magical technical photography skills are only matched by her creative eye and her quicksilver production capabilities. When faced with a challenge, Christina proves consistently clever, thorough, and extremely hard-working. She won’t just create something out of nothing (a phrase that should be patented just for her) and be a bright spirit on your team, she’ll take your brand to the next level."

-Alice handley, comrade copy writer

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Christina is one of those creative - and very talented artist- who can really help a business by building visual content mixing photography and graphic design, in a very quick and artistic way. I had the opportunity to work with her on regular basis to develop sets of banner ads to be used for marketing and social media purposes and she never disappointed. She is able to create assets that match brand guidelines, that answer a marketing message and that are remarkably tasteful.

-elizabeth barelli 

Christina is a creative dynamo who always brings fresh ideas to marketing challenges. She's done beautiful photography for Blurb, designed everything from postcards to posters to emails to web pages, and brought her singular vision to Blurb's brand. On top of it all, she's an absolute pleasure to work with.